Dacula High - Drama Club

KayLeanna served as the Key Makeup Artist at Dacula High School 9th, 10th, and 11th grade. Pictured below are photos from 10th grade while practicing for the upcoming production at Gwinnett Civic Center on Thursday, October 30, 2008. Assisting her: Jolisa and Katlin.

KayLeanna applying old age makeup to Clayton

Jolisa applying beard stipple to Darnel

Brittany, Kegan, Chandler, KayLeanna & Greg building set props.

Ozioma as "Martha"

Darnell as “Giles Corey”

Matt as “Ezekial Cheever”

Chris as "Mr. Putnam"

Clayton as "Danforth"

Christine as "Elizabeth"

Laura as “Rebecca Nurse”

Kassidy, Dakota and Casey - audience plants

Amanda, Heather, Brittany and Ozioma

Kegan and KayLeanna

Cast - Left to Right: Amanda, Katie, Laura, Heather, Rachel, Brittany, Ozioma, Megan, Sam, Christine, Ali, Richelle, Nick, Jennifer, Clayton, Darnel, Sarah, Matt, Mike, Anthony, and Chris.

Production Crew - Left to Right: Whitney, Rebecka, Megan, Ashley, Jolisa, KayLeanna, Chandler, Katlin, Greg, Brittany, Jordyn, Ashleigh, Kegan, and Jason.